Easy Home Improvements

Easy Home Improvements

Three Home Improvement Jobs That Are Going To Be A Waste Of Time and Money



Anytime someone mentions home improvement, people start to either get excited or scared. Their minds start racing a mile a minute.


“I have got so much to do and so little time”.

“The awnings need to be fixed”.

“I need to get new custom blinds and shutters for the home”.


Do any of these sentences sound familiar? They should. This is the way many of you start to think. Did you know that half of the home improvement jobs you spend your time and money on are actually a waste?

easy home improvements

We are not talking about jobs involving the awnings, shutters or replacing the custom blinds. These are not a waste of money and they do require replacing after a bit. What we are talking about are some of the bigger jobs. Here is a small list of home improvement jobs that seem like a good idea, but are not.


1) Some of you may have a big yard. You see pictures of other backyards of your size with a pool in it. You think it is a good idea. It may look like one of those “easy home improvements” you hear about. Some say that an in-ground pool can add up to 8-10% of the resale value. This is not true for every person.

pool with window treatment

A pool can take up to $10,000 in costs and upkeep each year, depending on how big. It may be taking value away from your home. Consider your the current value of your home before investing in a pool. It may not be worth it.


2) An outdoor kitchen is another one to mull over a little while longer. Outdoor kitchens are the same as a pool. It may only look pretty in theory. Some say that you get a return on your investment during the summer of close to 67% or more. What about in the fall and winter?


Those returns may be cut in half. What about the upkeep when something gets damaged. It looks like it may be on of those “easy home improvements”, but looks can be deceiving.


3) There are many of us who would like a master bedroom, huge bathroom with hot tub and spa, and a huge walk-in closet. It sounds good on paper. Did you know that a home improvement job like this will cost at least $100,000 to start? The other problem is that it will only add up to $63,000 per year to your home at best. This will only add a 59% return on your home each year.


There are easier home improvement jobs. Putting a bedroom in the attic will add a 73% value each year. Remodeling the basement or kitchen will add a 67% return to your home. Things like awnings and shutters will add more value, as will custom blinds.


When it comes to home improvements, you need to think small, not big.